Server Side Spambayes II

Since everyone has a different idea of what is spam. The spam filter with a global database will filter some useful emails. It’s not acceptable for customers although there’re only 1% useful emails filtered as spam. So we individual spam databases for each mailbox and let the customers to train the spam filter themselves.

Three buttons was added to the web mail. ‘Delete as Spam’, ‘Recover from Spam’ and ‘Reset Spam Filter’. It’s similar to SpamBayes plug-in for Outlook.

I’ve configured the solution on a production server. Below is the summary of the e-mail server’s log summary for Sep. 25,

Grand Totals

  87812   received
  56351   delivered
   2012   forwarded
    606   deferred  (5096  deferrals)
   1342   bounced
  54150   rejected (49%)
      0   reject warnings
      0   held
      0   discarded (0%)

   3486m  bytes received
   3816m  bytes delivered
  13591   senders
   4993   sending hosts/domains
   6937   recipients
   1750   recipient hosts/domains